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Odd Rhythm

See Rhythm Units and Elements of Music

Odd Rhythm Units contain an odd number of weight changes (steps) such as 1,3, ... Also, under certain circumstances, the different types of Odd Rhythm Units can be exchanged with each other yielding a different style to a dance. 

Single Rhythm

This Rhythm Unit contains one weight change which occurs on count "1" of the Unit. [ X /]

Delayed Single Rhythm

This Rhythm Unit contains 1 weight change which occurs on count "2" of the Unit. [ / X ]

Triple Rhythm

This Unit contains 3 weight changes. A weight change occurs on each of the following: [ X x X ] on counts 1 & 2.

Open Position

Opposite Foot

The definition depends on the context.  If the dancers are executing "opposite foot" dance patterns, it means the Leader is dancing on the opposite foot as the Follower.  Another example could be that the instructor told a student to change to their opposite foot.  Also see Same Foot.

Opposite Foot Free

An execution that begins with one foot free and ends up with the opposite foot free. Some examples are as follows: (1) Execution of the steps for an Odd Rhythm Unit.  (2) Execution of the steps for an Dependent Step Pattern.  Also see Step Pattern.


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