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Speed of the music - much like the heart rate of an animal. Dancers normally express Tempo in "Beats Per Minute" (BPM).

Tension Connection

This is a pulling type of connection. It is sometimes referred to as an "away resistance." The term "Tension" is used very inappropriately by many dance instructors who mistakenly use the term for both Tension and Compression.

Also see: Compression Connection , Passive Connection and Centering/Centered


The qualities of a good dancer are their abilities to execute their intended dance material precisely to rhythmic structure, beat, accents, including body flight and musical phrasing.

Toe Lead

The ball of the foot lands first and lowers to the rest of the foot.  Also see Foot Leads


The amount of Connection or Resistance is referred to as Tone. Also see Tonus.


In physiology tonus refers to a chemical contraction of muscles. In dance this would apply to terms such as Connection, Tone, Resistance, Tension, Compression, Leverage.

Torque Turn

Turns in the opposite direction of the forward foot continuing in the same direction down some Line of Movement (LOM).


The torso is the trunk of the human body without head or limbs. Some writers of dance technique refer to alignment with reference to the rib cage. However, it is better to use torso instead, especially when referring to turning technique. There is an exception to the use of the term torso wherein the dancer is isolating the rib cage from the pelvis while executing a contra twisting movement.

Tracking (ankles almost brushing)

Single Tracking: Walking with both feet stepping on a the same line.

Double Tracking: Walking with a small space between the feet - similar to walking on 2 separate boards.

Triple Rhythm

Is an Odd Rhythm Unit that indicates an odd number of weight changes within the Unit -- 1,3, 5, etc.

Turns & Turn Technique

Spotting is a major key to successful turns. During each turn the CPB must be centered over the weighted foot and the hips and shoulders must be aligned.

FFF (Feet Follow Frame)
Forward Foot
Chainé Turn
Break Turn (AKA: Military Turn)
Left Turn (Counterclockwise)
Paddle Turn
Right Turn (Clockwise)
Pivot Turn

Free Video: The Dance Store Online that shows techniques for different styles of turns.


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