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See Rhythm Unit

Unit Cards (teaching aids)

Unit cards are a valuable teaching aid. Their visual presentation during a lesson is helpful in getting the students to remember the rhythm patterns of the dances. Skippy Blair is the creator of the Unit Cards as a part of her Universal Unit System (TM). The cards can be purchased directly from Skippy Blair.


Unit Foot (Odd Rhythm Measures/Units)

You place your CPB over the Unit Foot during the entire count.

Left Unit: Center your CPB over your Left Foot
Right Unit: Center your CPB over your Right Foot.

Exception: See Break Turn

Universal Unit System (TM) - UUS

The UNIVERSAL UNIT SYSTEM is trademark of Skippy Blair.  It is a complete system of Dance Education. The foundation of the system is built on understanding music and its relationship to the dance, understanding how each part of the body works in relationship to other body components, understanding how the Center Point of Balance (CBP) works in each individual and how important the "connection" is between the partners. Rules of Movement are "discovered," not decided - and each aspect of the dance is taught one "Unit" at a time.  Also see SkippyBlair.com

Unweighted Foot

 This is the Free Foot, the foot with no weight applied.

Up Beat

Is the 2nd beat of every Rhythm Unit in 4/4 Time. Is the 2nd & 3rd beats of every Rhythm Unit in 3/4 Time. Also see Down Beat vs Up Beat


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